Seaside starring plants

I did my research well, and tried to only order plants (mostly online) that were supposed to cope with the seaside environment. The first batch were from Crocus, but I wasn’t overimpressed with the health of the plants. Arriving in March they had to stay in pots until we got the raised bed built and filled (mid May).

Elaeagnus ebbingei “Limelight”, or oleaster – did ok too. It didn’t flower and it got a bit swamped by some of the rampaging bedding plants but now the Winter is here it has chance to have its chance in the spotlight


Olearia (daisy bush) really did get lost at the back of the border and I need to give it more light and space this year. No flowers, but it’s still alive and happy.

Brachyglottis (Dunedin Group) Sunshine did well and really starting to thrive now. Glorious variegated leaves in the Winter. Lovely yellow daisy flowers in June


Agapanthus Loch Hope, really didn’t like being in a pot and was slow to settle in the new bed, but when when the flowers opened it was glorious – and the flamboyant and confident heads lasted for ages.

2014-07-29 19.17.39


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