Not the Med!


It’s certainly not a Mediterranean climate here! It’s a wild place to have a garden, and keeping alive the Mediterranean herbs I loved to grow, was going to be a challenge!

In Winter 2013 we had several lavender plants, two French, two English and a rosemary. They all hated that Winter. Getting drenched in a cold bed, where the small wall failed to stop the wind, they spluttered and coughed and prayed for sunshine. The French lavender (one in a pot and one in the ground) both died. The traditional English one and the rosemary hastily retrieved from the quagmire and put in well drained pots, stayed just about alive in a sheltered corner

In May they were planted in the hot end of the large planter, with a mass of stones and gravel underneath them. And I must say, they seem to be thriving. The marjoram and sage have died back and it’s hard to tell if they will return, but the lavender had a fantastic late bloom of flowers and the rapidly growing rosemary has been flavouring my roast potatoes for quite some months. Can’t wait to see it in the Summer covered in flowers and bees!

For the first time I tried to grow French lavender from seed.

It was easier than I thought. In fact I must have ended up with 100 plants! Far too many! I gave a lot away and hoped the rest would survive the Winter and make it into bloom..


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