Our own beach!


Well yes I know we are only yards from the beach anyway. But that one is shared by hundreds of people on a sunny day. And we couldn’t justify buying a beach hut, so we just painted the garden shed like a beach hut, and surrounded it with shingle. The run of from the sea had already breached the garden once in the Winter storms and the grass hadn’t recovered, so this was my chance to make it a coastal plant area and find plants that can thrive there. It’s also a great spot to lie on the sunlounger in the shade and look at the garden and watch the birds!

I’d already planted Californian poppies in the raised bed earlier in the year, and I didn’t realise quite how many I had, and how they would take over! They were absolutely glorious all Summer, and despite the advice not to move them, I transplanted a few plants which settled quite happily around the place. Next year must thin and stake them!



Other plants for our beach beds:

Armeria Maritima, sea thrift. It grows all over the cliffs that tower over us. One white and one glorious purple, immune to the high winds and salt, and battling on quite happily in pot that looks like a beach bucket.


Atriplex halimus (tree purslane) with striking silver grey leaves, that scrambled up a long old driftwood branch that we found after a storm.

Alchemilla Mollis – lady’s mantle which formed a clump of big soft hairy leaves, that left a dry sheltered cover for insects, snails and more. Small sprays of yellow flowers appeared in Summer

Another hebe – a cute little pink one , Nicola’s Blush


Two sorts of viola , Zoe and Molly Sanderson with unusual black flowers


A lovely little beach 🙂


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