Ox Eye Daisies (leucanthemum vulgare)

I love daisies. How can a daisy be a weed? Such smiley happy plants. I’d rather have daisies on my lawn than lawn. The grass is in a truly terrible state anyway and will have to go.

I planted the ox-eye daisy seeds in 2013, and didn’t realise that they wouldn’t flower that season. They are wild flowers really, often seen in drifts at the edge of the roads in Summer. I left a plant in the old bed and forgot about it. It formed a dense mat on the soil, then suddenly it grew. “It’s a weed” said G. I ignored him and let them be, and soon I had a mass of gorgeous daisies blooming, that lasted for ages, swaying happily in the breeze. Beautiful.

Come back again soon daisies



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