Lessons learnt – number 2, protection!


The second lesson I learnt – protect the most precious plants from the wet, wind and salt in the Winter and accept that you’re likely to lose some!

I tried to take cuttings of any shrubs I was attached to, and bought a mini lean-to greenhouse to keep them protected. Quite a few have survived including herbs, pelargoniums and shrubs. I managed to propagate some of the hardy shrubs growing wild nearby too, though they are painfully slow growing so it may be some time before I have a hedge full!

I put all the succulents in the shed, and they seem to be thriving far better than they did outside. I also tried to save seeds so that I could try again with any plants that died



As it happens this Winter has not been so bad as the last, though we were hit by some savage wind storms in April/May so it may be a bit early to give a verdict..

Anyway I’ll be careful what goes outside, and will no doubt soon be running out of greenhouse and window ledge space!



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