Spot the bird – Ringed plover


So did you spot it? Isn’t it amazing how the colours of the beach so exactly match those on this beautiful little bird. It nests right on the pebbles on the beach, so it really needs some camouflage to protect it. The little eggs look just like pebbles, so it would be too easy (and awful) to tread on them by mistake!

In Seaford, the environment agency regularly arrive with loads of huge trucks and move the shingle up and down the beach, to improve the beach defences. Last year I spotted the plover right on the top of the ridges, where nearby the giant machines were having a Sunday rest. I so hoped they hadn’t yet nested. Apparently they did have a good year on the beach and raised several chicks. This year the “Friends of Tidemills” are putting up signs around the nest sites, to warn people not to walk, or let their dogs in that area. Lets hope people take notice




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