Inspirations – Dungeness


Dungeness is one of the largest expanses of shingle in Europe and classified as Britain’s only desert by the Met Office. It’s unique climate and habitat attract a huge variety of rare wildlife and plants including moths and leeches!

It’s also a very odd place to visit. Feeling very remote and wild on one hand, but very much under the man’s shadow on the other. There is a huge variety of boats, huts and houses, varying from rusty sheds, to beautiful homes. All of them in the grey shadow of two nuclear power stations, one still in use.


And the houses that have gardens, well they are not exactly going to be your average privet hedge and bedding.


The most inspirational garden is that surrounding Prospect Cottage which belonged tofilm director/artist/gardener and author, Derek Jarman (1942-1994) and I have a wonderful book that captures the spirit of the garden and the man. There seems no boundary between the garden and the expanse of shingle. It’s all part of the same shared space, and fences would just separate you from those amazing wide skies, and distant panoramas. It would hide you from the wildlife that thrives and survives, and weather that lashes and scorches with equal fervour.


A paradise for watching wildlife


A truly unique place and I love it!



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