Easter sunshine


So finally the weather changes and we get a few hours, where the rains stops, the wind drops and even the sun comes out. We have a thwarted attempt to go out for the day, but the car has a puncture so G sorts that out, while I get outside for a garden tidy and a check of all the plants.

I start in the beach bed, which looks a little thin now, so I plant some seeds. The lady’s mantle has died off over Winter but looks like it is re-emerging and I rescued the hebe, and may keep it in a pot somewhere. The curry plant looks ok, also the salt bush and they make a nice silver backdrop to whatever else is going in there. There are two pots of thrift on the shed window-ledge and both are starting to come back to life, and look fine. The insect box has blown down a few times, must get it securely fastened to the shed .

In the long raised bed, a couple of Californian poppies have self seeded, the feverfew is coming back. The honesty that I planted last year is coming up and will hopefully flower this year, also the new tansy which got a bit swamped by bigger plants last year. The foliage of the blue campanula seems to be creeping back along in the corner of the wall.

The two hebes have grown into sizeable clumps, the eleangus has put on big growth spurt which is great, though seems to have some miscoloured and dropping leaves. Can’t see any obvious pests on in it, and it’s always had some sort of problem since I got it. The fennel is resprouting from the bottom. Both agapanthus look ok, and a lily is coming up. At the Mediterranean end, I was about to move the hydrangea anomola as it did very badly last year – and I read it may do better in shade – however it looks like it is suddenly much healthier, so maybe I’ll leave it. I moved the sea holly (what little is showing) as it was getting swamped by other plants. The rosemary and thyme have pretty healthy sized clumps, and I think the marjoram is there waiting to come back up (though have some more growing in the kitchen window if needed!) A cutting from my lost clematis overwintered ok and I’ve put it in by the trellis, but we shall see if it comes to anything! Amongst it all, the new daffodils and other bulbs are happy popping up.

On the shadier side, plants have been ticking along really. The ground is a bit dry and sandy near the wall, and I need to get some of the clay-like top soil moved there, but it’s so heavy to lift, I keep putting it off, hoping it will dry out a bit first! There is another honesty plant and a couple of clumps of ox-eye daisies which did so well last year. The valerian and fleabane are starting well, the honeysuckle has fresh new growth, and the starflowers have popped up again, some pale and some a deep blue. The pyracantha suffered in the Winter again, but the lovely variegated holly did well, and brightened up that corner. The hellebore is in leaf, but small and not flowering, and the Arum Italicum is doing fine – lovely variegated leaves. I planted a new Periwinkle (Ralph Shugart) which should fill in some gaps. I planted a chocolate cosmos tuber in the end of the bed, which is still bright with daffodils and other unknown bulbs popping up!

And in the pots, on the day of the Easter family get together, the tulips bloomed. Lovely!



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