New birds on the block


New birds on the block

He who shall hurt the little wren / Shall never be beloved by men.” William Blake

New to my garden this year, is a beautiful thrush which has been busy digging worms out of the lawn, and waking me up before dawn with flute like singing when we have the windows open.


Also for a couple of months I’ve had a wren, that darts all around the patio, and garden pots, flicking its tail looking for insects. Apparently these are Britain’s most common breeding bird, which is a little surprising. I wonder if it will nest nearby! These are also good singers, and very loud for such a tiny bird.

I’m also nearly certain I saw a goldcrest fly from my garden to a nearby pine tree so will be keeping a close eye out for that one! I’ve changed my birdseed to a no-mess mixture and as a result the sparrows have been in a lot less, but it’s possible it will attract other birds. I’ve already seen the robin on the feeder which is unusual.


And the kittiwakes are back. Marking out the best nesting spots on the cliffs, and cosily pairing up.


There are bees (early mining bees I think) on the willow branches overhanging from next door, and even a butterfly or two

In the garden the bulbs keep coming, a wonderful display and I’m looking forward to the garden bursting back into life. The shrubs are doing well and putting on a lot of growth, especially the euonymus fortunei that I‘m trying to grow into a small hedge, and the box plants. The bamboo is looking very brown though, probably a combination of winter wind burn and lack of water as it’s difficult for the roots to get enough water even when its wet. Must cut it back and give it a feed to see if we can revive it.


And the camellia is back in flower, glorious


Also went into Brighton and bought some more nice pots back for Mr W to drill drainage holes in. You can never have too many pots!

I’ve been busy in the mini greenhouse, and on the warm window ledges with my heated propagator so there are plenty of seedlings on the way, but I must say a lot have been very slow to grow, only finally speeding up this week! The exception is the rampant sweet peas that are now around a foot high and getting too big for the little greenhouse.

Enjoy the sunshine!


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