Weathering the storm

Well I think the storms may be receding at last.
Today I finally felt well enough to go out for a walk (twice!) What a beautiful day, and how wonderful to be able to enjoy it.

More things I’ve done this week that I haven’t been able to do for months:

Go out for a curry
Bake and eat cake
Eat shortbread at the Salts Cafe
Cook food with fats (e.g.lovely Hairy Biker recipe for chicken korma with butter/almonds and cream. Mmmm)
Have lunch in a pub and be able to choose anything (as opposed to being only able to eat the turkey sandwich – which they’d run out of..)
Eat chocolate and cheese
Stop taking painkillers (and instead have the odd glass of wine or port)
Do some gardening
Sleep the whole night
Have a whole day free of pain


Goodbye and good riddance gallbladder.

I will try not to take these little things for granted from now on!

What a beautiful day



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