Moving on

IMG_1839So I got a new job. When work is making you feel miserable, it’s time to move on. So I decided to move on, and it all seemed to be fated as I quickly found a new (hopefully perfect) job and it’s only four days a week, so I get every Monday to myself, to do the things I want to do!

And the new job is so close I can walk to work and don’t need to commute by bus anymore.

So it’s goodbye to miserable Mondays. The worst ones were when the weekend weather was terrible and then suddenly it was Monday morning again, and as the bus trundled through the Seven Sisters country park, the sun came out and all I wanted to do was forget about work, get off the bus and get walking!


Today was my first free Monday and I put on my walking boots and climbed up Seaford head (the first time since my op) and took a gradual stroll over to Cuckmere. And this time the bus took me home again!IMG_1721

I won’t miss the commute but I will kind of miss watching the seasons over the year through the country park from the top of the number 12 bus. Watching as the river floods and ebbs again, the birds migrate, the lambs are born and grow up, the crops grow and change, the sun slips from Summer heat  to blinding low golden reflections on the curves of water where the dabchicks swim and the heron hunts. I will miss the early morning mists, the sparkling dew, and once the sight of a million bejewelled spiders webs that appeared overnight.

I’ll still be there, but won’t be seeing it from the top of that bus. Today’s delights included the pair of linnets just above the coastguards cottages, a whitethroat, my first swallow of the year, the oystercatchers feeding in the river, and the bumble bees busy on the blazing gorse. The solitude of an early Monday, except for around a million skylarks singing like their lives depended on it. Beautiful



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