B is for bricks, birds, butterflies, bees and basil..

B is of bricks, quite a lot of bricks, and I finally found a bricklayer to lay them too (What is it with builders who don’t come back to you!). I’d been wanting to get rid of my lawn since we moved in. It was poor quality grass, bumpy ground, and always looked untidy with bird seed growing in a mound round the feeder pole. It really just seemed such a waste of space in such a small garden.


My new plan for the garden was bigger raised beds, trellis dividers and brick paving instead of my grass. I must say I’m absolutely delighted with it (and half the neighbourhood have been round to see the transformation and book the builder for his next job!) Now I have proper posts for the bird feeders (and can sweep up and wash underneath) and loads more room for plants in the bed, and loads of room for more plants in pots on top of the paving!


The trellis has made a nice little secluded seating area and a shady bed too. My only concern was whether the birds would like it but most of them absolutely love having more perching places and especially love their new birdbath.The noisy starlings especially cause havoc enjoying their spa experience! The only bird I haven’t seen since is the Blackbird and his family (sorry about the lawn blackbird but there is still one next door and I have mealworms..) I’m really hoping they’ll be back soon!


When we moved in, I brought a few plants with me, but G only brought a few from his concrete drive including two Buxus Box plants in pots. I’ve tried really, but we really have just had to give up on them. Each Winter they go brown all over, and any Summer regrowth just leaves the stalk bare and doesn’t last long. I’ve now delegated one to the back of the shady bed and the other is so far gone, it’s destined for the compost heap if I get a strong man to lift it and its sodden pot out! I’m not really a fan of the clipped and manicured garden anyway, so I won’t be doing any topiary just yet!

Another one not doing so well this year was the Borage. Last year it self seeded itself wondrfully everywhere, but this year it was appearing only very half heartedly and tending to flop before it could tempt any pollinators.

I was completely overrun with Basil indoors at one point though! The first batch had only 1 seedling germinating, which whitefly managed to find. I ordered some more seeds from the internet of mixed basil and ended up with around 50 germinated plants! At least four varieties including purple, they really were excellent.


I’ll leave you with one of the many Butterflies and Bees that shared my garden this year. Beautiful!



Bee Happy 🙂



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