C for Chili monster, chiffchaffs and a new arrival in a Cardboard box

For the second year running I grew Chili Pepper Fuego, an Italian variety. I always start them off in a windowsill heated propagator and then the mini greenhouse; they don’t go outside till June. I kept just two and kept one inside and one outside. The outside one did well enough but the inside one grew into a huge triffid, way outgrowing the windowsill! When it couldn’t grow up anymore it went sideways. When the chilis grew they just grew round any obstructions, round the blinds, and up the side of the clock! A lot more foliage than fruit but at least I have enough chillis in the freezer anyway to last me the Winter! I was rather glad to cut it down and get some light back in the hallway!


And this week a new arrival , a (slightly early) birthday present of a Crab apple (butterball) tree that I’d wanted for the wildlife benefits of blossom and fruit. Now I just have to work out where on earth to put it, to try and give it shelter from the wind and wild coastal weather. It’s rather bigger than I’d thought it would be, came in very tall box, so there will be no hiding it in the shed at the first sign of a storm! Wish me luck!

Unfortunately most of the crab apples on it, fell off in transit. But it seems a good indicator of how prolific it will be! Now where did that blackbird go, supper time!


The Cotton Lavender flowered this year for the first time – or rather half of it did. It’s a good reminder that plants really need very specific things, and clearly half the plant was getting enough sun to flower, and half wasn’t.  It probably needs to be in full sun really.


The Crocosmia too, weren’t great this year, and again I guess they really would have liked a lot more sunshine. Now these ones growing on the coastal path near St Ives, really were happy!


And birds of the week, are the Chiffchaffs, who have appeared back in my garden this last week. Darting erratically through the fennel and next door’s willow, they are delightful little birds. They may just be passing through before migrating south. The twitchers counted hundreds of them up on Seaford Head, but for now they are making the hard work in my little wildlife garden all worthwhile!








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