E is for Eden


E is for Euonymus fortunei – one of these travelled with me from my little courtyard garden in Brighton to two flats sitting right by the doorstep in a pot, coping with drought, sun, snow, wind and general neglect. It used to have variegated leaves but somewhere along the way it reverted to dark green, and when I finally got my garden, it came out of the constricting pot and into a bed by the wall where it is building very nicely into a low hedge. It’s only enemy the black-fly that I have to hose off at regular intervals in the Spring and Summer. These are such survivors. I have two more now, one in a large pot and one in the long raised bed, where the variegated foliage brightens up the most dismal Winter days, and contrasts beautifully with almost anything you put next to it. One shares its tub with a sedge that cheers up a dark corner, carex morrowii Evergold


Elaeangus ebbingei was one of the first plants I bought to put in my brick raised bed. This is an excellent shrub for a coastal location, another tough plant, with bright variegated leaves. Since it was planted in 2014, it has now reached the top of the trellis, and makes an excellent windbreak for all the Summer pots.

(below 2014 and then October 2016)



Eryngium (sea holly) was one that I really wanted in the garden, but attempts at growing from seed were unsuccessful. So in Summer 2015 I bought a shrub from a little garden centre in Lewes. It did well last year and I was delighted to see that it grew back again this year. A spiky blue delight! I must remember to put some support in next year though, as it was tricky keeping it upright when the wind blew! A great plant for bees, and I love the way the crisp dried heads given texture to the garden even in Winter!


I tried a Euphorbia (palustris) too this year but it never seemed to thrive and I think it’s died on me. You win some you lose some.

And E is for Eden. We made be too late for the Garden of Eden, but if you haven’t been to the Eden Project in Cornwall, I can recommend it!




I feel the way the wind blows
It tells me where you’ve been through
I watch the way the sun sets
Until the night’s inside you

Some days I just don’t worry, I let it walk through me
Some days I need to bury the very depths of me
So out here to the east of Eden
I let salvation be

Lyrics, Stuart Adamson/Mark Brzezicki


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