G for my Garden under the eyes of the Gulls



G for Geraniums. I love them all, the hardy herbaceous native geraniums I bought from boot fairs that pop up reliably in the shady side, and the ones more correctly known as pelargoniums.


Years ago I used to take Summer holidays in Austria and all the hotels would have tubs of bright pelargoniums on the balconies where you could sit out and enjoy the stunning alpine scenery. So now I try and grow scarlet ones on my balcony, where they cope if the wind isn’t too bad. Now into November they are still flowering away quite happily there and on the patio! When the frosts come I’ll rescue a couple to put in the mini greenhouse to protect them over Winter, but I don’t have a lot of space, and they are usually pretty cheap to buy again as plugs to be grown on, on the windowsills (£1.99 for 15-20 plants this year!)


A new one for me this year, gladioli. Gladioulus mureilae I planted in a couple of big tubs. With one I included a self propagated hebe and the other had a lovely hosta.  The bulbs were slow to start off, but once they got going they forced out the hosta and any other plants in the smaller tub. In the larger tub the hebe too grew enormously! Foliage a plenty but for months no flowers.. Just as I was on the point of giving up on them, they suddenly decided to start flowering.


Then they just kept coming! White nodding heads with a scarlet centre. Lovely but am debating what to do with them next year as they really didn’t work well in the pots. Some in the flower beds I think, and perhaps some rehomed with my mum..


One thing you really can’t ignore in my garden is the Gulls. If you look out the window they are almost certainly the first bird you see. Lined up on the roof opposite waiting for a signal that food has appeared, at which point they all take off, swooping and screaming. Their presence means I have to be careful about what food I put out for the birds, as I don’t want to encourage them into the garden. There are invariably gulls nesting on the flat roofs and at some point I always come face to face with a startled or inquisitive juvenile as I look up through the skylight from my bath! And they make a right racket stamping about on the roof! So what came first? The cliffs, then the gulls, then our houses. Sorry gulls, as you were…


Seagull, you fly across the horizon
Into the misty morning sun
Nobody asked you where you are going
Nobody knows where you’re from

Lyrics, Bad Company



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