L for Love of earth, Lavender and Larks

 For singing till his heaven fills
‘T is love of earth that he instils
and ever winging up and up
Our valley is his golden cup
and he the wine which overflows
to lift us with him as he goes
   The Lark Ascending by George Meredith

L is for Lavender, one of my favourite flowers. The English lavender survived ok, as did the French Munstead (just about). Such a glorious fragrance and popular with the bees.



I do love my herbs, Lemon balm is another lovely one.


And where we be without Lilies. Glorious heady scent and sensual glorious petals, you have to enjoy them while you can.



If you want blooms that last longer, another Summer essential has to be Lathyrus (sweet peas). This year I grew white ones and up the trellis and they didn’t do as well as other years. Next year I should have more space on the sunny bit of the patio and will probably go back to the traditional colours and scents. The best thing about sweet peas has that you must pick them, so that they keep on flowering, a great excuse to fill the house with that glorious scent. I think they were the only flowers my dad ever permitted anyone to cut in his garden!


A new one planted in the Autumn (bought from the community garden) is Liriope muscari (big blue lilyturf) which is settling in the shady bed, and hopefully planning to produce purple flowers and black berries by next Autumn.

And a little one Lobularia maritima, better known as alyssum which does a fine job of contrasting sweet white flowers with other plants in my pots. Anything  with the name “maritime” is going to do well in my seaside plot!

There are a couple of birds too that have not exactly ventured into my garden but are not far away up the hill and cheered up my walks no end, linnets and larks! The linnets are a beautiful bird, and it seemed this year that I could not go up to Cuckmere without spotting at least a couple, and I managed to photograph a few! All Summer up there you cannot fail to hear the skylark singing from high above you. The lovely sound of Summer.







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