M is for marigolds, mice and mist

M is for Marigold. An easy bedding plant in cheery yellow and orange, and also Marsh Marigold a lovely marginal plant for a pond.


A great plant for the beach area is the Mediterranean salt bush (atriplex halimus) which thrives in poor soil/drought and salt contaminated soil. As we have had sea water run into the garden in the past, this seemed a survivor that could cope here. It thrives too, seeming to grow by the minute during the Summer, and frequently obstructing my path to the compost bin!


The Mint had another good year, various varieties in pots, that reappear each year full of vigour. I do  like a cup of fresh mint tea!

Another nice daisy plant is the Marguerite though mine struggled to keep its flowers this year.

And garden visitors, well there was a thrush briefly but I think it was a song thrush rather than a mistle thrush.The odd Magpie also pops in for a few seeds, always on the nervous side though.


And I think we harbour quite a few Mice. A few times I’ve opened the compost bin and found a couple cute little field mice poking their heads sleepily up. I don’t mind them so much outside, but this week I was wrapping my Christmas stocking fillers in my ground floor office, and discovered some unwrapped and partly gnawed Christmas chocolates.. Oh dear they must have come in from the cold. So now all the presents are banished upstairs and the only food is in a couple of traps.. sorry beasties.

And I shouldn’t miss out the Mist – I love the way you wake up to a sea mist, that gradually lifts and reveals the glory of the day. And I love Love in the Mist! What a fabulous name, want more of these in my garden next year! More more more.



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