S is for Summer flowers and Starling squabbles


S is for Spring and for Summer, but they seems a long way away at the moment. Last year an impulse buy from the garden centre was Scabious, butterfly blue. It impressed me with its lovely flowers and longevity, and was adored by the bees and butterflies! It seemed to self seed a couple of plants too, so these were potted up and are being carefully nurtured for this Summer!


Another late Summer flower much loved by pollinators is the Sedum, which has thrived, despite some neglect (in fact it appeared to thrive on it, very happy in a pot that was really too small) I left the flower heads on to go russet and crispy!


A Winter beauty, very resilient is the Skimmia. I first put it in the flower bed, where it obediently survived but didn’t thrive, failing to send its roots out into the world, or to grow a single leaf.


Now I know a bit better I’ve kept it in a pot and some ericaceous compost where it is much brighter, and pretty much the only real colour out on my patio just now. A cutting has also taken, so there will be more colour next year!


And I can’t leave S without mention of the noisy ones. What is the name for a collection of starlings I wonder? A squabble of Starlings perhaps.  Today I got a kettle of water and a hammer and broke the thick ice in the bird bath, and within minutes they were back out there drinking, fighting, squawking  and splashing. Life is never dull with them around!




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