XYZ and so to bed (flower beds of course)



Well I’ve rather enjoyed this A to Z approach to blogging. A little more though provoking than a more linear blog and give me a focus. It must be said however that XYZ are quite a challenge! But I’ve started so I’ll finish!

X well X marks the spot, the emptyish spot in the flowerbeds that I’m planning to enjoy filling this year!

Y is for yellow. One of my favourite colours, and one that will no doubt reappear in my garden any day now.


First up crocus and daffodils please! Who could resist a Summer sunflower either! Then the rudbekias in late Summer, and hopefully smiling all the way through the Autumn again!



These were not in my garden, but at Borde Hill gardens, gorgeous!



And sometimes some just appear one day when you are riding your bicycle and don’t have a proper camera. These horseshoe vetch were a carpet as far as the eye could see! Beautiful.

2014-06-29 08.38.20

Z well I don’t have any plants yet beginning with Z, but feel my garden is crying out for some Zinnias. So they are on the list for Spring! I like having a Z to aim for!

Enough for now Zzzzzzz


Q Oh so quiet .. And R for rosemary and rudbekia


I was struggling to find anything botanical for Q. Although perhaps my favourite thing is the bliss of an afternoon spent fiddling away in the garden. Not completely Quiet perhaps, but peaceful and uninterrupted. Just as an artist may revel in the potential of a clean page, so I love to luxuriate in a free peaceful afternoon. One to be filled only with the tiny sounds of the garden.  Just me in the garden fiddling about pulling up a weed here, and deadheading a flower here, Snip!.  Grasses swaying, leaves rustling, starlings squabbling and splashing, a robin singing and bees buzzing. Years ago I had a tiny courtyard garden, and if you sat out early evening you could hear a hundred snails crawling out from their hiding place behind the Virginia creeper up the wall, and munching! Eek! I visited some friends in France one Summer and remember lying out on their garden wall in the evening gazing at a vast starry sky, watching, while dozens of feeding bats swooped all around, so close I could hear the vibrations of their wings swooping inches away from me.

Love may be like a red red rose. Alas I have no roses. My most loved R is probably Rosemary such a wonderful powerful herb. I used to have a huge bush in the courtyard garden I mentioned above. In my garden now I planted a small one in the well drained end of the planter and it has done magnificently recently! The only herb that I can really use in Winter! I love an excuse to trim it back, (Rosemary roast potatoes anyone!)


The other new favourite is rudbekia, which I grew from seed last year, and they started to bloom just in time to go in the new raised bed. What stars they were, blooming for months, those wonderful cheerful yellow heads. Hopefully the clump will be ever more resplendent this year!


I can’t leave the garden without mentioning the boss. Mr (or Mrs!) Robin is certainly a welcome fixture in the Winter garden.  Beautiful singing, and territorial posing with that wonderful scarlet bib.(Pictured at Nymans, we don’t get a lot of snow by the sea!)


Another welcome rarer visitor is a black Redstart, that can more often be spotted on the seafront near the cliffs, but makes the odd venture into the gardens.



Anyway that’s quite enough from me!